Gas Holder 8

Developer Argent launched a competition at Kings Cross, London to re-inhabit a disused telescopic gas holder as a community space.

Inspired by the typology of the Scottish broch, we proposed to create a double-skin form, salvaging the existing wrought iron panels and wrapping onto the original form. A brick cylindrical diaphragm wall embodies the memory of the former gasholder base and is supported back to the outer form, dramatically following the path of the stair treads. In the interstitial space a stair ascends to a viewing gallery with magnificent views across the central London roofscape.

Along the journey landings provide access to viewing galleries over the outdoor arena. The journey to the top is further animated by use of the space between the forms as a climbing arena. Access to the lower level indoor event space is via a staircase located in the outdoor arena. A central roof-lit multi-function event space is the focus of the lower level.

Design Team:
Gordon Duffy
Magdalena Spotowska
Karolina Rellme
Katarina McNabb