Developer Urban Splash launched a competition to regenerate Morecombe seafront. Our masterplan proposed a new undulating beachscape stretching from the road to the water, partly generated by circulation routes through the site. The major built elements appear as “baulks” in the landscape. The layout offers good protection from the prevailing winds whilst creating community spaces of different qualities, texture and scale at each end of the scheme. We replaced an existing dilapidated events venue with the “prow” which springs from the old lido terrace to minimise disruption to the beachscape. The space is accessed via the promenade and an optional low-level link between it and the winter garden, past the beach theatre. A new community park sits atop the building.

Apartments sit above commercial elements, and zig-zag across the site to afford good views to the sea and the town. Those at lowest level have modest private gardens onto the residents communal area which slopes gently seawards. Parking is provided underneath the landscaped gardens and is formed with minimal excavation with tree light-wells.

A new speciality shopping arcade aligns with the existing arcade across the street. A conference centre with community start-up suites and Art Gallery to fill the gap-Site along the main road. Footways would be increased in width with traffic control measures to slow pace of traffic and facilitate pedestrian movement across, tree planting is envisaged here to soften the thoroughfare but still allowing percolation in use. A new marketplace is created between Marine Road Central and the new curved shopping arcade embracing the memorial giving it a continuing life backdrop. Movement of the marketplace from its existing back street position allows this area to be developed for commercial and residential use.

A new hammam would adjoin the promenade. A new public space is formed near the Midland Hotel giving a focus for community events, a giant screen is integrated to the proposed new hotel deck. A new beach theatre provides a setting for community beach events. Promenade is enhanced with new surface textures and grading and new routes through the landscape. Restaurants, cafes and bars dotted along the promenade and the arcade enhance night time use of the promenade area. New vantage points and structures for bird watching would be created along the prom to exploit key views.

Design Team:
Gordon Duffy
David Dejous
Damien Balleys