Jordan Lane

The extension to this grade B Listed villa in Morningside was conceived as three distinct elements: a zinc clad portal sitting atop rendered walls in turn surmounting a timber podium.

The extension and the podium provide intermediary stages enabling a physical and visual connection between the house and the garden below. A sloping clerestory between the zinc and the render maintains privacy to the flanks and allows the morning and evening sun to enter, providing glancing views of nearby trees and visually lightening the impact of the building. The new kitchen surfaces extend through new niches either side of the main access route. These devices create a dialogue between the kitchen and the garden room beyond, softening the connection between the principal opening and the extension.The proportional relationship between the three openings and the existing windows was carefully considered to contribute to the aesthetic marriage between old and new. The positioning of the surfaces contribute to the strong, but not didactic, axial relationship that leads the eye from the kitchen via the new extension to the garden.

Design Team:
Gordon Duffy
Katharina Neff
Michael Whitfield