Watson Crescent

Nestling between Edinburgh’s Union Canal towpath and an end of terrace mixture of residential and warehouse buildings, the office achieved planning consent for this house in a demanding situation.

Located in the yard of a converted warehouse, daylight requirements of the adjacent properties drove the section. Bedrooms on the upper level take advantage of canal aspect to the south and west and overhang the entrance, providing a port cochere. An inclined concrete support recessed from front façade maximises the external space at ground floor level and punctuates the entrance and follows the sloping lines of the building silhouette.

Presenting a more closed face to the adjacent builings at the north west, the house opens up towards the canal, a Scheduled Monument, with a glazed mezzanine living area. Historic Scotland voiced no objection to the proposals, neither did the neighbours, and Studio DuB maintained the design pushing it through planning to win consent on appeal.

Design Team:
Gordon Duffy
David Dejous