Glenburn Steading
status: Stage E
project value: n/a

This is a traditional, listed steading in the Scottish Borders where cottages, stables and a byre form a sunny courtyard. The new program will provide flexible living space of four cottages with a communal courtyard garden.

One of the wings had fallen down and our strategy is to repair and restore the fabric with like for like materials. The steading is within the grounds of a large country house and whilst it may be used for rental, the renovation of the disused collection of buildings is motivated by a sense of stewardship of the built fabric. The collapsed wing is to be rebuilt with a timber frame and timber cladding. Oak, elm and beech sourced from the estate will be used for the internal joinery, fittings, flooring and new gates. The design also involves rainwater harvesting, exhaust air heat pumps and sheeps wool insulation.

Design Team:
Gordon Duffy
Jamie Estevez
Przemyslaw Konopka