The Press
status: completed 2003
project value: £400k

This city centre conversion transformed a former print works built in 1951 into six dynamic apartments. Studio DuB has managed to preserve the raw fabric of the light industrial building and to soften this introducing the texture of natural oak, subtle hues and carefully selected fittings. The original steel beams, brick walls and concrete ceilings are left exposed and new surface mounted services are carefully integrated creating a gutsy, tough yet romantic urban aesthetic. Each flat has its own identity whereby dupleixes at the upper levels benefit from private, south-facing roof terraces and those at lower levels from live-work units.

Several interventions were made to reduce the environmental impact of the conversion including: recycling of original materials where possible such as windows and doors, new windows made with locally sourced hardwoods, poured white concrete worktops made in situ. Expressing the structure and avoiding suspended ceilings meant that less material was required for casing whilst new services largely run in new plasterboard walls. To conserve energy use original windows were upgraded with double glazed units and the walls were insulated. A new top storey and refreshingly updated roof provides dramatic spaces in the upper flats. Studio DuB are proud to locate their office in this development and the principal lives in the flat over this space.

“You don’t usually find spaces like this in the city centre…until now” Fiona Reid, The Scotsman

Design Team:
Gordon Duffy
Alain Moulin
Photographer: Paul Zanre